Specialized Services
Grant & Grantee Partnership Development

The partnership between grant & grantee is a unique one, often requiring targeted skill building, educational & programmatic support to move in the direction of the desired impact. Inquire for more details.

Entrepreneurship & Leadership Classes for Children & Teens

Workshops and learning programs available, customized to your family’s needs – inquire for more details.

Mentorship for Couples

For couples or parents anywhere along their journey who wish to deepen their bond at work or at home, align parenting/relationship styles, become more connected and responsive so that they can move through life with a shared vision. Inquire for more details.

Growing Families Support

For families going through major life transitions such as a birth or death, we offer a combination of unique wrap-around support packages that bring together our respective expertise in the following areas:

  • Doula services (Birth, Postpartum Sibling, Death)
  • New Parent Support & Education
  • Back to Work/Business Coaching & Mentoring
  • Holistic Health Care & Family Wellness Services
  • Educational Services for Children & Teens
  • Legal Support through residential or commercial transactions, will, trusts & estates and asset protection.

Packages are customized, inquire for more details.


Interested in our work? Send a message to info@raviandnina.com

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