Nina & Ravi are driven to help businesses, families & communities thrive into the next generation. Their individual bios are below:

Ravi Patel, Esq.
Attorney at Law & Principal of Ravi Patel, ESQ.

Ravi’s work is born out of his deep desire to help people through the inevitables in life – death & taxes – and into envisioning a better next generation. Ravi is accomplished in the areas of Trusts & Estates, Asset Protection, Commercial & Residential Real Estate and Business Law. He is licensed in NY, NJ & CA. and provides a range of next generation legal & business solutions to diverse clientele. Ravi expertise lies in bringing together his sharp business and legal acumen along with his capacity to manage highly complex transactions from start to finish. He successfully assists high net worth individuals in organizing their estate plans and forming businesses. He also successfully assists clients with Commercial Real Estate transactions in every phase from acquisition to everyday operations and succession planning. Alongside running a strong estate planning practice, Ravi has provided general counsel to a mid-market company and expanded a multimillion dollar export venture. Collectively, Ravi’s experiences have provided him deep insights into the unique needs and concerns of businesses and families today. His clients include business owners, physicians, and families who wish to structure and build their assets while protecting their wealth. Ravi’s charitable interests include providing legal counsel to community-based organizations, arts-based organizations, artists & entrepreneurs. Ravi continues to provide trusted counsel for over 6 years to Sikhlens, an organization who offers artists with unique opportunities for visibility and collaboration through a Premier Film Festival & other events. Ravi is fluent in Gujarati.

Nina Chanpreet Kaur, MSEd., CCHP., FDNP., CD., CBC., PPNE., CCCE.
Founder of Integrative Institutes, Whole Brain Whole Body, Centering Families, Writer Doula
& Embodied Journeys

Nina’s work is born out of her deep desire to re-imagine the human experience, from re-imagining leadership to re-imagining work, health, school, parenthood & beyond. She works in a variety of capacities help individuals, families, organizations, and communities create ecosystems of change using an interconnected approach she developed over two decades of experience.

Nina’s polymathic work brings together multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional expertise: leadership, business & entrepreneurship; organization development; systems change; community development; family systems; adult & child development; teaching & learning; health & wellness, maternal & fetal health; personal and professional coaching, mentoring and consulting. As such, Nina is uniquely positioned to provide a range of services to individuals, families, communities & organizations as she has honed a variety of skill sets to work with the foundations of human development across sectors, life stages, and roles. She is particularly driven to optimize human potential from the beginning of life through late adulthood – whether in the workplace, in the home or at school. She has a way of connecting the dots and generating wisdom & insight to support transformation on multiple levels: the individual level, the familial level, the community level, the organizational, the cultural level and the broader systemic level. Her breadth and depth of expertise is sought after by companies and professionals in many fields. She wears many hats: Educator, Consultant, Coach, Mentor & more.

She has consulted to multi-national, multi-cultural and diverse groups and organizations including: Artivista Productions, Sikhtoons, Samra Wealth Management, HOW Fund, Boma Investments, Lion’s Club International, Brooklyn Deep & many others. She has held positions in a variety of organizations including Teaching Matters, NYC Department of Education, Peace First & more.

Nina has trained with the Kets de Vries Institute, 2164, Strozzi Institute, Rockwood Leadership Institute, Omega Women’s Leadership Center, the A.K. Rice Institute, Synergy Education & more. She completed the Imago Relationship Therapy Level 1 and Relationships First Safe Conversations Leadership training. She is a Certified 2164 Philanthropic Advisor, Future Search Facilitator, and is GELM Certified by the Kets de Vries Institute. Nina has a Master of Science in Education from Lehman College, City University of New York and a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College, Columbia University.


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